Digital Photography

Digital Photography for Beginners: Point and Shoot Cameras

This course is for the absolute beginner in digital photography. Always bring your camera and all its related cables to class. Digital photography should make your imaging easier and more creative. I want you to feel confident enough to enjoy your camera, competent enough to get predictably great results.

Brief Resource List for Digital Photography

Some brief presentations that explain some Digital Photography basics.

Exposure Control: a basic introduction to shutter speed and aperture.

ISO – the sensitivity of the sensor. For a lengthy explanation go here.

Exposure Compensation – “bracketing” your exposures

“Fill” Flash – using flash (when you may not think you need to) for better images.

Applied Digital Photography

This course welcomes both those who have passed the absolute beginning stage and those who have more experience with their cameras. By shooting the assignments from week to week and reviewing them in class, we explore exposure and other related camera controls, along with many other camera and photo related concepts and practices.

A brief introduction to Resolution.

And a brief introduction to image file formats.

Some basic facts about data and storage

A short reminder about shutter speeds and apertures.

An in-depth review of shutter speeds and apertures with images.

The first assignments for Applied Digital Photography.

  • Take your time as you shoot – this is not the first week’s assignment to be done by the second class – some may be able to accomplish that, some may take all 4 weeks to shoot the entire set.
  • Be sure to come to class with your images on a flash drive or with your camera’s memory card. The flash drive is preferable.