iPhone Photography

A set of two 2-hour classes that covers photography with the iPhone and editing on the iPhone, using the iPhones native image editing process and the SnapSeed application.

Read this before the first class: iPhone Photo Hand Out

FIRST CLASS – taking pictures with the iPhone

First Class Outline – loosely follows the presentation and slides, reviewing major features and techniques.

First Class Slide Presentation – Helps us navigate our way through features, techniques and settings on our iPhones and iPhone cameras.

SECOND CLASS – organizing, sharing and editing your images.

In this shared folder, you will find an outline of the second class, which loosely follows the presentation slides, reviewing major features and techniques. There is also an outline of the SnapSeed editing tools and filters that we review in class. You will also find the slide presentation I used in class that explores the organizing and editing functions on the iPhone and the additional editing and filter features in SnapSeed.

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