iPhone Photography

“I wanted to thank you for the expertise and professionalism you brought to the recently completed iPhone photography class thru the Scarsdale Adult School.  It is challenging to present information to a group of diverse learners with different skill levels.
I thought your presentation was well-organized and clearly covered the outline for the course.  I also think you took the time to answer any and all questions.
I learned a number of things which will help me in the use, storage and quality of my photos.  I greatly appreciate your efforts.” TB March 2019

My “regular” iPhone Photography class takes place over three separate 2-hour classes.
In the Covid-19 teaching and learning environment, here are shorted versions of the “regular” iPhone class slide presentations. These three condensed slide sets are very basic, and were designed to be experienced in one 1-hour+ Zoom class. This condensed class leaves out a lot, but these three short slide presentations deliver the information that I cover in the Zoom meeting, and are intended to unload the most and most important information in the shortest time.

iPhone Photography 1 (Condensed Zoom Class)

iPhone Photography 2 (Condensed Zoom Class)

iPhone Photography 3 (Condensed Zoom Class)

For a more comprehensive exploration of iPhone Photography topics see below

In pre-COVID environment the iPhone Photography class is a set of three 2-hour classes that covers photography with the iPhone.

Introductory handout – Winter 2020

Basic Settings for your iPhone for class. 

Brief overview of storage terminology, Apple and general options.

iPhone Photography – the beginning – taking pictures with the iPhone

First Class Outline – loosely follows the presentation and slides, reviewing major features and techniques.

First Class Slide Presentation – Helps us navigate our way through features, techniques and settings on our iPhones and iPhone cameras.

iPhone Photography – the middle – iPhone Photography advanced techniques, plus organizing and sharing your images.

Second Class Notes – follows the presentations and slides, and briefly covers Sharing and Accessing images.

Second Class slide presentation 1 – With some review of the first class, this slide set guides you through controlling and manipulating your exposur.

Second class slide presentation II – along with an exploration of Portrait and Portrait Lighting settings, these slides also show composition examples and guidelines.

iPhone Photography – final class – review of student images, further exploration of advanced techniques and organizing/sharing images.

If you liked this class in iPhone Photography, you might enjoy the next level of iPhone image making – a class on how to edit images with you iPhone.

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