Editing Photos with your iPhone

Your iPhone has a great camera – that can take you from simple “point-and-shoot” snapshots to imagery that rivals the quality of much more complex cameras. There is also some powerful image editing tools built into your iPhone.

Recommended for photographers fully familiar with the image capture process on their device, this course explores the image editing options on the iPhone along with using the Image Editing Application SnapSeed, by Google. Adjusting exposure and color, correcting and enhancing photographs, and filter effects will be included.

Major changes to the Editing tools and interface appeared in iOS 13.

Overviews and introductions to editing in iOS 13 can be found here.

Introduction to the class.

First class notes are here: editing with the iPhone’s software.

First class slide presentations

Second Class slide presentation:

Editing with SnapSeed

Second class handout: editing with SnapSeed