Editing Photos with your iPhone

There is also some powerful image editing tools built into your iPhone. My “Editing Images with your iPhone classes are recommended for photographers fully familiar with the image capture process on their device; it explores the image editing options on the iPhone along with using the Image Editing Application SnapSeed, by Google.

The following presentations and information sheets are based on the current iOS 15.0.2 (as of 11/1/21)

Review handout for organizing images in the Photos app.

Editing With Your iPhone Introductory handout for a class that is broken up into 5 segments of one-hour each.

Class 1

Image Editing with your iPhone – Class 1 slides – accessing Photos, introduction to editing workplace, using the Cropping tool.

Class 2

Class 2 handout – understanding tonal range, screen workplace and tool set, editing tool list and descriptions

Review and Image Concepts digital image basics; a tour of the workplace; exploring adjustments

Basic Editing Tools – Auto Adjust, Exposure, HIghlights and Shadows.

Class 3

Exploring the Adjustment options in your iPhone editing toolkit

Review handout (printable)

Reviewing the adjustment options [slides]

A deeper dive into the 7 more important adjustments [slides]

Class 4

Working with images, exploring filters, Introduction to Snapseed.

Finishing up the Editing Tools and a brief review of Filters [slides}

Introduction to Snapseed [slides]

Class 5

Exploring Snapseed Editing Tools and Filters

Snapseed Guide (handout)

Opening images and Saving in Snapseed (slides)

Snapseed Editing Tools (slides)

Snapseed Filters (slides)