NYS Visual/Media Arts Standards Training

The 2017 New York State P-12 Learning Standards for the Arts are designed to develop artistically literate citizens with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to actively engage in the arts throughout their lives. Through creating, performing, responding, and connecting in the arts, students generate experiences, construct knowledge, and build a more integrated understanding of self and community. 

The New York State Art Teachers Association, in partnership with the New York State Education Department, has developed a carefully designed professional development experience that familiarizes teachers with the structure of the new Standards, connects their current practice with important aspects of the Standards, suggest ways to integrate the Standards with existing curriculum, and strategies to modify their teaching through innovation and adaptation.

Martin Merchant is one of approximately 90 teacher trainers in the state of New York for the new Learning Standards for the Arts. He has led Visual and Media Arts professional development sessions in the lower Hudson Valley region since the rollout of the new standards in 2017. He has trained teachers in numerous schools, including many districts throughout the lower Hudson Valley.

PRESENTATION I: the new Visual and Media Arts standards – a guide to the genesis, cultivation, and structure of the new standards

PRESENTATION II: applying the new standards in the classroom, motivations, investigations, inspirations.

Review and Renew: the Visual and Medias Art Standards. An abbreviated introduction to the new standards, with personal interpretations and suggestions.

Faces Of Change. This is a short presentation that serves as a case study for how a high school learning segment connects to the New York State Visual Arts learning Standards.


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated yesterday and the work you put into it.  It really went a long way to making me feel like I’m on the same page as other teachers and calmed my nerves a bit.  You did such a good job, thank you so much!  I just checked out the shared folder, and feel even more prepared to have everything in one place.
DF-Pelham HS