Touring the Bushwick Collective

8th graders – other art teachers – art students – retirees – and the curious, enjoy the most intense immersion in art work they’ve ever experienced! The Bushwick Collective is less than 60 minutes from most points in Westchester. Tours booked through LMCCE, Scarsdale and Bronxville Adult Education Programs, and privately with me.

“It was a fabulous tour! Marty is so knowledgeable about the various artists and styles and the history and genesis of each mural”. C.I. Art Teacher

“Thank you for a great adventure this morning!!” B.F. Art Teacher

“Thanks so much…for the tour and for all of the resources.  You told the stories of those walls so well.  Your interest and passion in this type of work and this neighborhood was evident in everything you said and did.” A.D.