Photoshop for Beginners

A starter course for those just beginning to explore image editing. Serious digital photographers depend on the industrial-class image editing Photoshop software. Now this professional level tool is affordable through an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Photoshop is a complex working environment, bewildering, at first, but a richly creative platform for those motivated and committed.

Introductory handouts:

Every class starts with a review of the previous class. Here are links to the image files we use in class and the information handouts.

Our first class explores some basics about digital images – we talk about image file formats and  resolution; we orient ourselves in the Photoshop workplace and become familiarized with the Tool Bar and Panels, and we experiment with the cropping tool. The image files and handouts can be found here:  Photoshop Classes 2019

In our second class we take a look at the digital image’s tonal and color attributes, as an initial attempt to correct flaws in an image. We have a quick introduction to Selections, so we can correct the tonal values and color of specific areas. More on Layers and using Layers. Image files/handouts here:  Photoshop Classes 2019

Our third class has a full review of Selection tools and Layers. We work with Clone and Healing tools for correction and editing – taking out pimples and wrinkles, removing people and unwanted features form digital images. Image files/handouts here: Photoshop Classes 2019

In addition to a brief introduction to Type, our last class explores some of the uniquely creative potential of Photoshop. We look at Layers and Masks and the endless possibilities for constructing multiple-layered images. Image files/handouts here: Photoshop Classes 2019