Digital Photography

This is a one semester course that meets for 80 minutes every other day.

Our first goal is to understand what all the camera controls do – although we may not engage many of them in the routine course of our picture taking.

We begin with exposure control concepts (shutter speeds and aperture settings). This is a PowerPoint presentation I give the class early on. Exposure Controls.

For our first shooting shooting assignments, we have a list of shots to take that make use of most of the important camera controls. We go over the list methodically in class, watch short PowerPoint presentations along with lecture, then leave the classroom to shoot using that particular setting and options. The assignment sheets are self-explanatory.

Assignment 1 – camera controls
This assignment should familiarize students with most of the basic controls and options for exposure, resolution, ISO values, white balance and flash.

Assignment 2 – more camera controls
This assignment explores low light situations and more flash photography.

Assessment 1  – students should be able to complete these questions on their own – with access to the images they took to fulfill the first two assignments.

Assignment 3 – Abstraction: assignment and rubric
This first “creative” assignment is our introduction to basic composition elements – balance, rhythm and emphasis.