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Sometimes a man has to step up and step out for his BBQ.

June 2013: visited Madison Square for the Big Apple BBQ – didn’t eat, lines were way too long, but it was a pure pleasure to see all the people enjoying making and eating all that pork and beef!


June 2017: finally made it back to Madison Square for the Big Apple BBQ – spent more time this time soaking up the smoke.




Click here to follow a BBQ journey I took in Dallas, Texas, in search of local BBQ greatness. 2014







A visit to an out-of-the-way joint in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jinx’s has a lot of miles on it, and a story for every step. Though modest and humble, some very good BBQ came our way. 2014







A visit to a revered East Carolina style pulled pork BBQ turns out to be a disappointment to the wandering BBQ lover – who had hoped for a real treat and a benchmark experience. 2014






Visiting New Orleans with Lynda affords the wandering explorer the chance to explore 3 local places in New Orleans BBQ. 2015





A typical home smoke – January 1 of 2016. Rubbing a Boston Butt and smoking it outdoors in the cold.



Smoking and Grilling Home.