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My mentor, Ken Jernigan.
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I owe my understanding of smoking and grilling to Ken, my colleague at Hastings High School for 18 years. More than just revealing the nuance of technique, he brought the passion and joyful thrill of cooking with fire.
Ken – you’re always in my smoke.

Trying to smoke ribs in 2010. Never tried it again.

September 2013. My first smoked butt…

Highlights of the 2013 Academic Field Day class that Lynda, Cory, Ken and I staged on April 20th, 2013. Over 75 students heard about the art of grilling, smoking, and the glorious history and nuance of BBQ, and they got to sample some of Lynda’s secret recipe all-night slow-cooked baked beans, Ken’s marinated and rubbed chicken thighs, and my bacon-wrapped hickory-smoked pork loin.